This month’s principled leadership theme quotes have been inspired by a political leader, recently interviewed for the EQ Political Leadership book I am currently writing in partnership with co-author, Daniel Kawczynski.

Hassan took over as an independent candidate Prime Minister of Lebanon in December 2019 when the country had reached breakdown point, and when many of its problems had been hidden or carefully concealed by previous administrations. Amid civil unrest following the Port of Beirut explosion in 2020 and in recognition of the overall accountability he held for the government’s performance as its leader, Hassan resigned as Prime Minister. After his resignation, he continued to serve as caretaker Prime Minister for over 13 months.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to engage with Hassan, not only when he was interviewed for the book, but also on subsequent occasions during his recent visit to UK.

‘Effective leadership means having moral authority rather than formal authority’

‘Focus not on ego but on what can be achieved.’


Both quotes are listed in EQ4U ‘Leadership’ section.


The first word below is one of my favourite words, essential to principled leadership. The second word also expresses a desirable leadership trait.

  • Sagacious (adj) – foresight, discernment, ability to make wise judgements
  • Perspicacious (adj) – quickly gaining insight into things

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